Antipasti Pepper


The packaging of antipasti “Balkan Pepper” was developed for a certain chain of alcoholic beverage stores.

The task: the packaging had to be different from other packages of antipasti of Burёnka Club brand, to be in its price category, to attract attention.

Result: the product category is written in Latin, which 100% refers to the product as the imported one, and this causes a desire to try the product. The logo takes up most of the packaging, working for recognition and attracting the attention of consumers who know the brand and are loyal to it. Premium dark packaging, with additional post-printed treatment (selective varnish), on which juicy peppers with soft creamy-cheese filling look very bright and attractive – an absolute favorite among customers who are looking for an unusual snack for the table. Separation within the category is made by a distinctive food zone and color identifiers in the form of slats. The design of the packaging system is simple and very adaptable.


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