LionPeng Design Studio


This is a wine product from Australia called “Victory Sword”. In the historical origins of wine, war affected the renaissance and disappearance of grape varieties. By telling the war stories in Western countries of the last century to show the unique culture behind the wine. This is our brand apart from other traditional wines on the market.

We link the outer box and the bottle as a whole story. The box uses a “sword” to start culture and war. The illustration shows a war that is about to start. This symmetrical structure pattern also means they are balanced in power. The bottle uses a “shield” to protect culture and peace. The surroundings of the shield were divided into five story chapters through gold lines, and the five figures of “knight, warhorse, grave, peace messenger, and manor reconstruction” were painted. It tells the story from the beginning of the battle to the myriad of deaths and injuries, and then the messenger of peace keeps the peace, and finally, they re-brew the wine.


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