Fr é d é ric Malle perfume brand from France, whose brand concept is to release the ultimate fragrance and pure charm, and experience a classic fragrance beyond time and space. Blind rosemary, a perfume brand that gathers classic elements and modern subtlety, integrates the unique fragrance mixing craftsman concept – triangle balance.

Do you know that the magic of perfume comes from its triangular balance? We make you feel the wonderful experience with your eyes closed by means of braille. The three products are carefully blended to form a harmonious and unique triangular array with three core scents: floral, fruity and woody. Each fragrance tells your own story in its unique way, evoking memories and stimulating emotions.

First note: Fresh citrus fruits and freshly picked flowers, like a spring morning, awaken your senses. Middle note: rich floral fragrance and subtle woody fragrance interweave a deep and charming atmosphere, just like a warm and dreamy summer afternoon. Tone: Ending with a calm amber and cedar, it makes you feel as if you are in the autumn forest, peaceful and profound.

The packaging design of blind rosemary · perfume also reflects this triangle balance. By depicting the exquisite Maria goddess, her beautiful figure carries the triangular balance scale, like the harmonious balance between the stars and the universe, both mysterious and noble. The design of the bottle body is mainly based on a simple triangular connection, just like dancers who came from the Barcelona era and bloomed alone on stage.


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