In this Curator’s Insight, let’s put on our packaging design hat and dissect Costa Costa’s cider design by Un Barco with a magnifying glass of appreciation!

First things first, this design shouts “land of contrasts” from its white can and modern illustrations! The tribute to the Rio Negro Valley is clear as day – you can practically smell the juicy apples sun-kissed by the river and taste the crisp, balanced cider made from them.

But here’s what tickles my creative taste buds:

  • Irrigation canals whispering secrets: Those wavy black lines could be mistaken for mere decoration, but I see them as whispers of the valley’s lifeblood. Traveling through the valley, they weave a story of dedication, of nurturing the land to bring forth its best. Every sip feels like a thank you to the farmers’ meticulous care.‍
  • Crops whispering in code: Now, this is where I get personal. Maybe it’s my love for hidden messages, but those little dots and dashes on the packaging feel like a secret code from the valley itself. Maybe they spell out “apple magic” or “river’s embrace” – every customer can decode their own little story.

And then there’s the river, the silent king weaving through the design. It’s not just a pretty illustration; it’s the soul of the valley, the reason the apples blush and the cider sings. Every can feels like a mini adventure down the Rio Negro, a taste of the land’s unique spirit.

Here’s the thing, though: what makes Costa Costa truly special is the way it doesn’t just depict the valley, it lets you experience it. It’s sensory storytelling at its finest. You can practically hear the rustle of leaves, feel the sun on your skin, and taste the sweetness of the apples before you even crack open a bottle. That’s the magic of truly inspired packaging design.

Designed by Un Barco

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