TeaMajor Visual Identity and Packaging

Derrick Lin


TeaMajor Original Leaf Tea Visual Identity and Packaging


TeaMajor is a brand that specializes in exploring premium Chinese loose-leaf tea. It was established in 2022 with the intention of sharing the blessings of nature’s bounty through the art of “tea.” By providing people with a cup of tea, TeaMajor aims to bring them closer to the wonders of the mountains and rekindle their intimate connection with both others and themselves. With TeaMajor as a guiding light, a marvelous journey into the wilderness unfolds.


TeaMajor, as the name suggests, combines “Tea” and “Major,” representing tea leaves and the concept of “harmony with nature” respectively. TeaMajor seeks to express the beauty of nature through the metaphor of “melodic harmony.” This inspiration is reflected in the design of the graphical logo, which represents a two-fold concept. It takes the shape of a sound amplifier, symbolizing the “voice of the wild,” while also signifying the pathway leading to the wilderness. This embodies the brand’s spiritual proposition of “returning to nature.”


Each fresh tea leaf nurtures layers of aroma and flavor. Tea, a product of Mother Nature, resembles a beautiful symphony, with its flowing notes composing the picturesque landscapes and human narratives. Therefore, TeaMajor defines its slogan as “Nature Speaks,” allowing the tea to naturally convey the beauty of nature.

Visual Elements

Based on the brand’s core values of “sharing with others while leaving room for oneself,” TeaMajor has created four visual graphic elements to enrich its visual identity system. By encouraging the freedom of brewing tea according to personal preference and discarding the complexities of traditional tea-making processes, the brand aims to offer moments for individuals to share their lives and engage in occasional introspection. Whether amidst nature or within the bustling urban lifestyle, TeaMajor embarks on a captivating journey of life’s extraordinary encounters.


Within the Chinese logo “鲜叶说” (literally Fresh Leaves Say), the character “说” (Say) incorporates a dialogue box graphic, serving as a distinctive element in the brand’s layout. This layout can be seamlessly applied to online stores, poster designs, and various promotional materials.


As the trend of returning to the authentic flavors of tea beverages emerges after the wave of new-style tea drinks, TeaMajor has segmented its product lines into two categories: the “Adventure Series” and the “Exploration Series.” The Adventure Series features classic Chinese tea collections, catering to novice tea enthusiasts, while the Exploration Series focuses on seeking out little-known, niche teas from diverse regions across China. These teas exhibit a unique combination of scarce production areas and innovative craftsmanship, appealing to the more advanced tea connoisseurs.

Design & Photography: low key Design 
Year 2024


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