Superfood Powder Packaging Design



More than just supplements, these organic superfood blends, offer their customers a healing hit to improve their daily lives. This is also the brand name and its mission, which becomes very clear while the brand can easily be defined using words like natural, healing, journey, protection, remedy, plants, power of nature, spiritual vibe, organic, protect, pure & tradition.

The supplement powder packaging was inspired by 3 major themes: nature and its healing power, tradition & healthy products, and people. These food supplement packaging aim to tell the story of the brand while maintaining also an important functional role. The style of the brand design has unique features like hand-drawn illustrations combined with a spiritual note.

The packaging colors go from dark red to vibrant spring green while targeting a premium audience. The typography adds a more feminine and elegant note to the graphical composition.

The subtle gold embossing on the superfood powder packaging describes different natural and the benefits of the product in order to make it easy to see by the consumer.

The packaging design offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to extending the line in the near future. The concepts have a very clean structure while creating a more personal visual connection with the audience.

The spiritual journey invites the customers to get to know the healing power of nature’s elements while unveiling a positive and elegant design approach. All the design elements, from colors, typography, and packaging illustrations visually tell the story of the product ingredients. The illustrations are displayed in a playful way. The typography is placed front and center for easy readability while balancing the composition. The resulting design gives the brand a look that feels perfectly aligned with its message and mission.