Redesigning Obio Nut Butter



Obio brand wanted to update its packaging system for the butter line in order to offer their customer a modern bioproduct. One of the redesign goals was to emphasize the premium quality of the products and attract more shoppers looking for a healthier lifestyle.

More than just creating a new design, the main idea was to better understand the shoppers and what motivated them to buy these products. Understanding the emotional motivation & practical reasons why shoppers choose one brand over the other offered a straight path in building the redesign.

The target was to create new packaging that is minimalistic and highlights the product in a subtle but premium style. The front of the packaging offers basic information about the product, but more than that, its visual style lets customers know it’s a premium product. The rebrand concentrated on capturing the essence of the product, to be more precious the intense flavor of each bio butter.

The typography chosen is vibrant and easy to read while being emphasized by the use of negative space. In order to offer authenticity to the product line, hand-drawn illustrations were created for each type of butter. A playful gold line surrounds every nut more than once to add a premium note to the graphical compositions. This premium note is also emphasized by the color pallet, that is more neutral, elegant and dark.

This darker color pallet together with the illustrations and the gold lines are creating a beautiful visual dialog between the shopper and the product.