Garden of Fun is a project envisioned for a new snack brand. The main idea was to bring the attention of the customers back to the gardens, the roots of healthy food, making people better understand from where high quality, fresh & delicious products came.

The branding and packaging design celebrates beautiful gardens and tasty vegetables with evocative illustration and detailed typography and introduces two funky characters from the garden, a snail and a hedgehog.

The brand identity reimagines the usual snack brands and aims to make people smile using funny illustrations.

The logo design uses modern typography while adding a subtle vintage note to the graphical composition.

The design features a small palette of bold colors on a neutral background. The final result lands a balance between an elegant and playful graphic style.

The snack packaging initially consists of three types of products: vegetable chips, potato chips, and sweet dipping sauce. However, the packaging was designed to easily integrate new products in the future while keeping a harmonious and continuous brand direction.

A consistent look accompanies the visual identity and packaging while delivering a funky visual approach for new food products.

The food market had become in the latest years more and busier. The brands are always competing to stand out and gain attention from the right target. That is why is important that the graphical appearance supports and visually expresses the message and direction of each brand. Garden of Fun wants to disturb the present market and offer a new direction.

The design and branding strategy embodies the essence of an elegant style meeting the modern approach, resulting in a brand that stands out in this vibrant new food industry.