Waves brand design makes an elegant & contemporary tribute to the human skin.

The idea of the project was to add natural texture and dimension to a new skin-dedicated brand. Skin is the largest organ of the human body and protects the body during its entire life. The project wanted to celebrate the human skin using an elegant, modern, and unique approach. The color palette that was imagined takes its inspiration from neutral, earthy tones.

Infusing the brand design & packaging with authenticity and meaning is what was thought to resonate with the target audience. More than just creams & serums, the brand wants to create a genuine experience with its customers.

Inspired by motion, waves, organic movement, changes, and transformation, the human skin has its journey that the brand wanted to celebrate with high-quality products and a commitment to natural and organic ingredients.

The packaging design uses glass and wood as main materials in order to stay true to its environmental mission and reduce waste but still succeeds in offering a new minimalist visual style to the skin brand. The shapes of the packaging are rectangular in contrast with the wave patterns that accompany them.