Sjør Vodka branding awakes deep-sea creatures



Sjør Vodka combines the sea creatures’ variety and the mystery of the deep sea. The vodka packaging balances an upscale look with a playful tone inspired by the fast number of sea creatures, from fishes to jellyfish, seahorses, and many more.

Although the packaging uses a white bottle, the entire design composition conveys an energetic look. The abundant variety of sea plants creates a layering type of composition. The style of the illustrations takes inspiration from modern art. Furthermore, it plays with flat shapes like circles, rectangles & more. In addition, the illustration of a lanternfish brings a touch of the dark-deep seas into the composition.

The vodka branding target highlighted the importance of keeping our seas clean while protecting all its inhabitants. We aimed to present the vodka drink to an audience that appreciates nature and its incredible complexity but also brings awareness. With more than  11 million tonnes of plastic discarded into our seas, the solution lies in our hands. Oceans have the amazing power to regulate our climate. In addition, the oceans generate most of the oxygen we breathe. Keeping our seas & oceans clean should be the main priority and we wanted to celebrate it in this packaging. For this reason, we selected dark blue for the color palette. Using like main colors dark blue, white, and red helped balance beautiful perspectives of the deep sea.

To conclude, the vodka brand identity uses a soft-edges logotype that shares the deep blue color of the sea. The typography uses an elegant serif font with clean and natural lines. It’s versatile and has the power to elevate the entire composition of the label.