Purrmi Cat Food



When Purrmi wanted to redesign the brand, they also wanted to launch the best human grade possible for your cat.  They were inspired by human ingredients, and healthy combos that would not only help your cat live longer and happier lives but also taste good. It was all about treating your cat like you would treat yourself, with high-quality ingredients. After all, your pet is your best friend.

“The simplest and yet the best food for your cat. With Purrmi you can give your cat the best food without compromises.No preservatives. No kibble. Just 100% natural human-grade ingredients.”
The design journey started with creative strategy, logo redesign, and packaging while creating a new brand identity that visually appeals to both cats & humans.

The mission of Purrmi concentrated most on two paths: bringing a healthy, positive change to the European market with their human-grade food and improving cat’s health & lifetime expectancy.
The brand identity had to convey the idea of an easy, convenient, natural, sustainable & healthy food solution for cats with the help of friendly & simple typography, warm colors with a feminine note, and sustainable packaging.

Redesigning the logo, was not only about improving and updating the design but also about understanding what the client wanted to instantly reveal and how it will easily reach the Portuguese and international market.

The brand identity also included the new packaging design for the 3 flavors, both in English and Portuguese dedicated packages.

The typography, the color palette, and the entire style of the redesign was concentrating on the quality of the ingredients, the most important start for a great cat food recipe.

The creative direction that was chosen is light, and fun and appeals to younger customers and families that love their cats. This was translated into a cat brand that takes food seriously, the same as a human food brand but never forgets to have fun. Because we are what we eat.

It was decided to use a minimalist theme, so the packaging could easily stand out, both online or in pet food stores,  in this busy market filled with crowded designs.