Vasto extra virgin olive oil

al margen

ALFAZEMA ESPIRITUOSA is a Portuguese estate dedicated to olive groves, which has invited us to participate in its new project to create the premium packaging for VASTO, gourmet extra virgin olive oil. VASTO was born in Baixo Alentejo, with the intention of becoming a benchmark for quality oils in Portugal and the world, under its brand philosophy and a unique packaging design for extra virgin olive oil.

“VAST is recognition and respect for what the earth gives us”

The brand that the client provides us aims to evoke a sensorial and aspirational environment; which was created from the narrative proposal, in order to anchor and distinguish the product:

“A small drop of olive oil like a gem. Particle of Mediterranean gold that synthesizes the immensity of the olive grove. Captures the essence of a tasting. Gold and olive oil come together as an element, noble and pure. An exploration of the strength of color and texture that distinguishes VASTO and its origin”.


al margen

Art Director: Matteo Manini
Creative Director: José Maria Martinez
Alfazema Espirituosa