Derrick Lin


Designed by DDC Creative Lab, Russia.
Art Director: Igor Mospanov;
Designers: Constantine Kobernik, Dmitry Elkin, Vladimir Bolshakov

DDC Creative Lab redesigned Prazsky Most beer.
DDC Creative Lab completed the redesign of “Prazsky Most” Сzech beer for “Importbeer” company.

“Prazsky Most” is a traditional Czech premium beer, made on “Pivovar Rohozec” brewery. For its production only the best raw materials are used, namely water from the Vazovecky valley, malt from Maly Rohozec and red Zatecky hop, that adds a distinctive and pleasant bitter taste. Series of “Prazsky Most” consists of lager, dark, black & tan and non-alcoholic beer.

Agency task was to refresh the label design and at the same time save the succession to the previous appearance, clearly identify the different beer kinds, make the logo and typography more readable, apply to the premium segment of an imported beer.

While working on the redesign logo was updated, product name became more vivid and and evident. New label is enriched with gold foil stamping and additional graphics, historical ornament. Due to the color coding it is more easier to distinct the beer kinds on the shelf.