Fill Forever PET reusable water bottle

Derrick Lin


Design, engineering and manufacturing: Logoplaste Innovation Lab
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: EPAL
Location: Lisbon, Portugal

“Fill Forever” is a reusable, eco friendly, fully recyclable, and light weight water bottle. It was created to be offered by EPAL, the public water supplier in Portugal, to promote the consumption of tap water everywhere, and not just indoors.

Its iconic and exclusive shape is inspired by a water cascade, it’s extremely ergonomic and all the design details were given careful attention to optimize the resources and energy used in its production. The 500 ml bottle, made of PET, a 100% recyclable material, weighs only 27.5 grams, and uses a manufacturing process that consumes much less energy when compared to glass or aluminium, materials that are often used to produce reusable bottles. The cap, made of HDPE, was also fully optimised and weighs only 1.25 grams, allowing the creation (of one) of the lightest reusable water bottles on the market. The new water bottle was launched, by EPAL, during the World Water Congress, the biggest international water sector event, with more than 5000 people.