Stromboli trio Album

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Derrick Lin


Creative Agency; MON Estudio
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Stromboli trio
Location; Valladolid, Spain

Stromboli is a modern jazz trio. We were asked to design the packaging of their last album “According to the legend”. Obviously, we wanted the design to have something to do with their music so we began brainstorming and looking for ideas. Stromboli is not a jazz-standard band at all. Their songs are very personal, long and complex and they have a recognizable sound. We finally came to the idea of expressing in a visual way the structure of their songs. They all have in common the concepts of unity and complexity.

We created a pack including a badge and a poster to make the product stronger and more attractive to the public.

The Unique Points Of The Packaging:
We created the unique octagonal shape of the CD Packaging to increase the value of the piece. The CD has lost much value in the digital area so we needed to do something special to make this piece unique.