Good4U Super Seed Snacks

Derrick Lin


Designed by Good4U in-house graphic
Marketing Director: Laura O’Sullivan
Text content: Esther Bell
In-house Graphic Designer: Ricardo Martins
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Ireland, UK
Packaging Contents: Roasted Seed & Fruit Mix
Packaging Material: Plastic film

Good4U is a health food company based in Sligo, Ireland that believes that eating healthy should be easy and tasty. Good4U Super Seed Snacks are a range of 5 unique honey roasted seeds with juicy fruits and natural flavours. They are nut & gluten free and each pack contains less than 120kcal, a guilt free snack perfect for on-the-go!

The design, from keyline concept to final artwork, was created in house by the Good4U graphic designer with the help of the marketing team.

What’s Unique?
Unique shot shape, making it easy to tear and eat the content straight away from the pack without making a mess. “Rip, tip & munch”