Creative Agency: Metsä Board
Project Type: Patented, Commercial Work
Location: Shanghai, China
Packaging Contents: Beverage
Packaging Materials: Kemiart Lite+ kraftliner / Modo Northern Light liner

The structural design for the ‘Elevated Drink Box’ (EDB) is an easy and convenient way for consumers to enjoy beverages. This new packaging has been designed and patented by Metsä Board, and it was produced by combining the expertise of Metsä Board, BOBST, Kodak, Henkel, Marbach and Knauer.

The goal was to completely re-think the concept and design a user-friendly packaging with real benefits for the consumers and the brands.

The concept behind the graphics is to show the freshness of the juice, reflecting it’s extracted directly from the fresh fruits. The bold and eye-catching graphics give the brand owners the idea how their brand can stand out on the shelves.

We’ve also developed other graphics for different possible usages for this packaging, such as wine, milk, oilver oil, and even laundry detergent.

The fresh forest fibre paperboards used in the packaging are manufactured by Metsä Board. The outer liner is Kemiart Lite+ 175 g/m2, which is a double-coated white-top kraftliner for flexo post-print and digital printing applications. The fluting (160 g/m2) and inner liner (130 g/m2) are made of Modo Northern Light, a fully bleached liner suitable for offset, flexo and inkjet digital printing.

What’s Unique?
The box does not take up additional shelf space in-store as the elevated base is inside the packaging, ready for assembly by the consumer before use.

When empty, the plastic bag is easily removed from the box, helping with material separation for recycling.