Packaging You Shouldn’t Miss In September 2020

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Derrick Lin


Packaging of the World presents the top 10 posts for the month of September 2020. They are selected according to their post views, social shares, social likes, re-tweets repins and people reached. All these data were collected on this website and also on different platforms like our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest page. These projects will definitely inspire you for your next design project, you can also submit your packaging project here!

Tomacho packaging design by Backbone Branding

Just say the word Tomacho, doesn’t it simply uplift your mood and make you smile? These shiny red fruits truly inspire us and spark our creativity.

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Bryson’s Gin – Metal Packaging by Bombcrater Design

In this project, we looked at how gin is predominately packaged in glass, perhaps metal is something to be considered. This pack retrospectively looks at the packaging used by old beer cans and motor oil, we have used this aesthetic to see if they could be applied to premium spirits such as gin, perhaps making it more masculine but still accessible by all.

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Clara y Ema Eggs packaging design by Creamos

All eggs are the same, all have the same shape. But there is something that makes them unique, the way they fall into the frying pan.

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Supporting local fisheries with premium branding by Linsanity Design

Supporting local fisheries with premium branding, using minimal yet striking visuals. We went against all packaging and labeling norms in this usually traditional industry to appeal to today’s quarantined customer that relies on canned food solutions.

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VACAY cocktails packaging design by The Refreshment Club

Creating a new brand in the RTD/Alcopop category. Firstly working with the clients vision and product attributes to sculpt a brand from scratch. Secondly articulating this brand and developing a blue print and personification of the brand.

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Finest Tea Collective packaging design by YNL DESIGN

YNL Design has built a differentiated concept and brand story that Finest Tea Collective wants to convey to its customers and developed a package design using color systems tailored to the target audience’s emotions with unique illustrations. With the concept of ‘Picnic in the Tea Land,’ we have developed natural visual graphics that match different tea types.

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Desde Los Polos packaging design by Nano Alfonsin

Winemaker and sommelier living in two distant points in the same space repelling and attracting each other like magnetic poles, generating a vital energy transformed into this unique and electric Pinot Noir.

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Royal Salute: 21 YO All Year Round Celebration Edition by Boundless Brand Design

Inspired by the historic splendour and magnificence of the Queens Royal Garden Parties, Boundless Brand Design and Royal Salute launch their latest collaboration, a Signature Blend 21 YO Whisky, created for year-round celebration.

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Seek Hair packaging design by Jin Fujiwara

Packaging for hair products from Seek Hair salon in Japan. The clients wanted to target the products to a younger target audience who cares about not just their looks but also the quality of the products. Our approach was quite simple, using the bold typeface and color to have a dynamic appearance, combined with the icons that represent the product usage.

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Christodoulou Family Organic Juices packaging design by k2design

The Christodoulou family is a leading company in the fruit processing industry and has been exporting fresh fruit from Greece to Europe since 1955. When they came to us for their new line of bottled natural and organic juices, we were proud to design the brand ID and product packaging of one of the backbones of both our society and economy: a successful family business.

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