The design was inspired by the Forbidden City, one of the largest and best-preserved wooden structures in the world, very unique, alluding to the statehood of Chinese tea and the best elements of the tank design. The red walls and golden tiles of the Forbidden City are the unique color characteristics of the Forbidden City and the auspicious color of the Chinese nation. According to the data obtained from the survey and the positioning of Chinese tea red as a gift box, red and gold are the best choices. The color matching atmosphere is simple, which can better show the oriental style. smell. The design of the ship adopts the “round earth” of Chinese philosophy, which is the “soul” of tank design. The “Round Lid Cube” design of the Chinese Tea Red Pot expresses this important oriental thought and culture while also expressing our core. “Tea” is the product of the “spirituality” of heaven and earth, expressing the “Zen” concept of the unity of man and nature. The artistic design of “sagging” on the top of the water tank expresses the meaning of gathering and perfection.