Shapely Odded Sketchbooks

Hollóka Grafikai Műhely / Graphic Design Studio

Budapest, Magyarország

Traces of creativity on discarded papers left in a school, led to the creation of the brand shapely odded. Its first product is a line of unique notebooks made from these strangely beautiful, imperfect papers with which shapely odded celebrates everything oddly shaped, mismatched, doesn’t fit in or just different from the ‘normal’. Sustainability as a core value of the brand appears in the simple, glue-free structure of the booklets’ packaging.

Different colours and textures of the boxes give a first impression of the character of the products hidden inside. Illustrative elements appear on the packaging similarly to how they have been wandering through the whole visual identity. The brand’s characters have surprises in store, they communicate with us with funny, personal messages.

The scale of these graphic elements and icons stamped on the inner side of the flaps, referring to paper types, are our guides in finding the notebook that can be our companion in a creative journey. It also communicates that each product is unique and unrepeatable, made by hand and with a lot of love, completed with the date of manufacture and the maker’s signature.