Cool Readings Collection

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Derrick Lin


Thanks to Karen Rozenbaum of Rex Design for sending in this very unique and innovative Early Teen’s visual language book collection.

Rex created an unusual graphic project for “Leituras Descoladas” Collection
(“Cool Readings” Collection) published by Editora Biruta – a brazilian Publishing House specialized in Children’s and Early Teen’s books. The collection is based on 6 books, each one written by a different author. The studio had in mind to create more than just a visual treatment or a series of regular illustrations. Each book brings a parallel visual narrative, almost in a cinematographic way, subverting what we know as an early teen’s publication.

“Our idea was to propose a new paradigm of teen literature, more adjusted to their visual repertory and, at the same time, to add an object status that exceeds the narrative”, says Gustavo Piqueira.

According to Samia Jacintho – that together with Gustavo signs the illustrations
– they were produced from pictures shot by not so orthodox techniques – since were
taken from cellphone cameras.

“The intention here was to approach the youngers and
to establish a dialogue between each book narrative”, says Samia.

Updated: August 09
The design developed for tweens’ books “Leituras Descoladas” collection (“Cool Readings” collection), has rendered another international award for REX Design. Now the brazilian design agency has been selected by Communication Arts Magazine among many design agencies around the globe to be on the magazine’s Design Annual 50.

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