Skip Perfect Black / Perfect White

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Derrick Lin


Casa Rex develops packaging design for premium powder detergent to launch in Argentina.

The brazilian agency has designed the packaging for the new range of Skip powder detergent to be launch in Argentina — Skip Perfect Black / Perfect White, for black and white clothes.

The new visual shakes the category standards and borrows technology codes from the cosmetic universe: very elegant typography and “clean” icons that reveal the technology behind the product. “We have created more calm and abstract technological icons, opposing to the common approach the subject is usually default — which is, a visual demonstrating the “aggressive” effectiveness of the product.”, comments Gustavo Piqueira, Creative Director of the project and REX Design’s partner. A plus is the packaging effect caused by the chosen substrates, combining the matte printing process with the glossy silver texts that are actually, its very own background material, also reinforcing the product premium positioning.