colo[r]evolution Fabric Dye



Guarany’s Color[e]volution is the first cold water dye in the Brazilian market. The product’s concept follows a trend which has been increasingly garnering attention in the fashion world: customization. Clothes are a way of expressing attitude, revealing your personal style. Following suit, Color[e]volution leaves the traditional way of selling fabric dye behind, offering instead a way of life embedded with a “customizable attitude”. The language and packaging were conceived based on this strategy, matching each person with a color in which the attitude in question is represented, plus encouraging new interactions between them.

Guarany is a 100% Brazilian company (located in Itu, SP), with a 86-year history and 350 collaborators. Reaching over 50 countries, the company has a consolidated position in the international market as one of the most renowned manufacturers of handcrafting products, such as dyes and supplements.

Designed by A La Carte, Brazil.