Piazza D’Oro

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Derrick Lin


The Piazza D’Oro brand is found the world over but nowhere is the R&G coffee market quite so dynamic as here in Australia. An unwanted de-positioning of Piazza D’Oro had occurred against a trend of Craft, Locality and Authenticity, resulting in an explosion of gourmet and boutique roasters which connected at a much deeper level than Piazza D’Oro. The previous brand expression and execution felt corporate, lacking the human qualities of passion and expertise that’s driving much of the market. As a result the brand was finding it hard to break into new café accounts.

Identifying and unlocking mega trends, archetypes (The Lover) was critical. Decoding the coffee ritual & experience informed the right way to tap into ‘Craft’. The end result is a more human and sensual ‘love mark’, whose execution exudes the sensory theater, and ritual of coffee. The identity is both masculine and feminine at the same time…the ultimate Casonova?

Consumers, brand managers and sales team at a global level are of course …in love.

Designed by Barker Gray, Australia.

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