Derrick Lin


Tachographs are responsible for collecting data of the path taken by individual vehicle. Considering the main product as the basis of the concept, the packages were developed starting from the drawings found in graphics measurement systems. The lines worked determine points that result in data such as the speedometer is the speed, the rule takes measurements and graphics resulting in data. Therefore, the graphic design for the new packaging is embedded in that universe.

In order to transmit sensations such as quality, reliability and technology, the color palette ranges from black to white gradient. On each package was worked out a different scale of colors, in order to distinguish one product from another within their category. These tones also make a reference to the concept and in practical ways, allows the insertion of new colors for new packages or special versions of each product.

The typography uses light movements, suggesting and strengthening the concept, making the composition strong and modern, making the packaging stand before their competitors.
Designed by Luciano Ferreira and Paulo Borges.