Derrick Lin


Designed by Jeremy Innes-Hopkins, United Kingdom.

Suncream packaging for kids Inky Sunpaint is a brightly-coloured suncream packaged in the form of a marker pen to encourage children to apply suncream by making it more playful and fun. Skin Cancer is now the most common form of cancer in the UK due to overexposure to the sun. Can product design be used to change behavioral patterns towards the sun and sun care?. From my research the most effective way to counteract this trend was to change behavioural patterns from a young age, this is when your skin is most at risk and when your most likely to pick up positive behavioral patterns. Inky Sunpaint is a brightly colored, waterproof, SPF 30 suncream, packaged in the form of a pen. A unique dispensing mechanism allows children to colour themselves in with suncream. The colour within the suncream lets the child and parent see which areas of the body have been covered and once rubbed in, the ink disappears.