Nike Energy Drink (Student Work)

Derrick Lin


Designed by Mizanur Rahman, United Kingdom. He is a graduate from University of Hertfordshire with a BA Hons in Digital Modeling.

I am university graduate who is building their portfolio up doing random self initiated projects. So I was thinking that Nike from my knowledge have never made a sports drink, you would think that a company that is at the forefront of sports tech equipment would also cash in on its brand power and create a drink that would rival the best sports drink such as Lucozade or Red Bull. So I set about to think about what makes a sports drink a sports drink, of course other than the flavour of the drink, serious sports drinkers would troll over the information at the back looking for what they are getting from the drink, such as calories, proteins, carbs etc… I recently bought some new car tyres and they have that fantastic system of telling you the tire width, profile and speed rating on the wall of the tire, using that same idea of presenting the info to the consumer would tell the drinker exactly what they were getting. by looking at the various drinks that come from the major sports drink brands I compiled a “look” of how the information can be presented and then labeled them up onto a simple bottle design.

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