Penny Proper

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Derrick Lin


Designed by Marc Berchold, Canada.

The original penny loafer from the 1930s that was made popular by the acts of James Dean and Steve McQueen is back, in a “proper” way. Canadian brand, Penny Proper (PP) has launched into the Canadian market as a splashy substitution to the old penny.

In the 1950s dimes were slipped into the pockets of loafers, as this was the price of a pay telephone. These dimes were then replaced by shiny pennies as a matter of style. Penny Proper is giving loafer wearers the opportunity to exercise their personal style and flare. The size and weight of a penny, PPs come in a variety of colours and patterns to individualize loafers based on personal taste or function.

Penny Proper (PP) is a Canadian fashion brand that allows for the personalization of the classic penny loafer. Launched in 2011 by two trend-setting friends faced with the issue of how to accessorize their penny loafers, PPs come in a variety of colours and patterns.

Note: The colour of the wax seal on the package denotes the colour of the coin inside.