Rhytm & Colour (Concept)

Derrick Lin


Designed by Jihaa, The Netherlands.

It’s about the search, my search for rhythm and colour. It started out as a video about deserts. Courtesy of mister Danone. He focussed on shape and colour. On getting great cup colours. I was keeping piles of them on my desk, simply couldn’t chuck them. They fascinated me, but not because I wanted to make anything with them.

But then I saw the Magnetic Man at Rock Werchter. Back home, I checked them out. That’s when I heard that track called ‘Flying into Tokyo’, which made it immediately clear to me: it had to be a video. And then it’s just 3 days of shooting, 3 days of timing.

You have no idea what you can use them for. Then things fall into place, thanks to the right track. You start making sequences. The search begins, so to speak: cup next to another, on top…. And then you mix in the music, which brings along new discoveries. Serendipity.

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