Killarney Wood’s

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Designed by Cindy Ng, Vancouver, Canada.

Killarney Wood’s is a disappearing breed of local farms based in Vancouver with a long and rich history. This rare gem is located in the once fertile area of Killarney that produces delicious and unique jams for over a 100 years. The area of Killarney lost many of its farms due to redevelopment. Killarney Wood’s has endured and remained a local favorite even till today. Killarney Wood’s secret jam recipe is popular among the locals, and was sold at a kiosk at the local Granville Island Public Market for many years. The popularity of its jam spread beyond past just the locals. Killarney Wood’s wanted to share its delicious products to the world. To accomodate the demand, Killarney Wood’s needed to expand to a storefront, and rebrand itself to enter the global market. In addition to its classic flavours, new and adventurous flavours were introduced to satisfy the modern taste. The brand redesign remains true to its roots and history. It invokes trust and quality through its elegant details.