Designed by Curious Design, Auckland, New Zealand

Lucy Lu Designs is a wholesale manufacturer of decorative giftwares located in California, USA. They have been in business since 1999.

The original branding and packaging for Lucy Lu had become dated and disjointed and needed to be redesigned. An identity was required that tied together existing products, allowed for expansion into new product lines, and could be applied to in-store presence – from point-of-sale to decorative wallpaper. The identity created needed to reflect the business owners’ love of art and beauty.The previous product packaging was made from clear plastic and got quite damaged in the retail environment. We needed to find another solution. It was important to keep production costs down therefore generic packaging for each of the product lines was developed. The new identity needed to be easily applied to catalogs, brochures and other media, and it needed to be appealing to all regions of the United States market.

Working closely with the Client we were able to capture their love of art, culture and history with a whimsical brand identity. By designing a range of diecut gift boxes to showcase their products, we created a cohesive on-shelf presence. As a result of our work with respect to the overall identity, we were also able to successfully contribute to many of the designs used in the products themselves.