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Designed by Danilo Mandari, Brazil.

Due to an increased competition in the beverage market of the “ice tea type, we were to redefine the concept and prepare the visual concept of flavoured beverages based on tea, both light and refreshing.
The brand was to offer not only the drink, refreshment and original flavour, but also a style which could become part of a lifestyle.

Globalbev® wanted to create a more differentiated product offering in a sea of “ice tea” products.
After an intensive analysis of the beverage market, a number of concepts and ideas, we prepared a complete branding strategy.

The new package solves for simplicity, ease of incorporation, and credibility.
Simple: The packaging system’s elegant design supports its premium positioning and brings a sense of calm to what can be a chaotic shopping experience. Using simple colours and illustrations to reinforce the concept and connect every package in the shelf.

At first we developed the new brand name.
How to name a drink to quench your thirst for something we can call a state of mind?

Santea evokes attributes that we plan, is an invented name that combines the words “Saint” and “Tea”.