Moroccanoil Hair Care Line

Derrick Lin


Designed by Bérard Associates, United States.

Moroccanoil approached Bérard Associates looking for assistance in restaging their line of hair care products. With numerous products in the line, the team needed to establish a framework for expansion of the brand portfolio.

Bérard Associates set forth with analysis of the brand assets to determine equities and effectiveness off all communication elements – verbiage, color, architecture, and design.

Colors were harmonized, creating a signature palette for the line. Communication hierarchies were established, providing greater distinction between product forms and feature benefits. Finishes were heightened and burnished to speak to the properties of the defining ingredient – argan oil.

Sold in the most exclusive of salons and specialty department stores worldwide, the brand now exudes the luxurious benefits of the product, while setting the stage for expansion into the body care line.