De Kuyper Exotique Liqueurs

Derrick Lin


Designed by Cartils, The Netherlands.

The number 1 global liqueur distiller Royal De Kuyper has now continued its innovative new flavour range adding to their famous normal range. After the successful launch of De Kuyper Ginger, inspiring mixologists around the world, De Kuyper have now announced 4 new additional ‘exotique’ flavours. All designs were created by CARTILS the international branding and packaging design consultancy.

This new range of liqueurs has the potential to re-invent the cocktail environment and allows for the creation of modern interpretations of old favourites. With flavours including, Ginger, Lapsang Souchong tea, Elderflower, Lemongrass and Spicy Chilli, unheard of combinations are now possible.

The design for this range needed to character of each of the unique flavours. This was achieved through the styles of the typography used for the flavour, as well as the background pattern. The gold in the label adds to the premium character of the brand. Still the brand presentation remains loyal to the typical De Kuyper range, building on its great reputation.

Whether its golden orange ginger, black and gold tea, or fiery red chilli, there will be a new ‘exotique’ liqueur for you. CARTILS is convinced that these new flavours will inspire the most astonishing cocktails yet and revolutionise the industry.

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