Figula Winery Concept

Derrick Lin


Designed by Éva Valicsek, Hungary.

The Figula Family Winery started business in 1993 in the Balaton-region also known as the gem of the Pannon area. In this particular region being rich in unique natural resources, dealing with viticulture and winemaking is a delightful task and a serious responsibility.

It is also our duty to preserve the more than 2000 year-old traditions.
Buying wine is a question of confidence. We are devoted to win customers’ confidence by performing all the procedures with expertise and professionalism, starting from vine growing to sales activities. Besides respecting traditions, we aim to produce high quality enjoyable wines using the latest technical elements and technology.

This project is for a wine label design tender. The outer circle is actually the logo, this is constant. The inner circle changes according to what type of wine (II CABERNET FRANC & MERLOT, MUSCAT LUNEL etc.).