Altai Whiskey (Student Work)

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Derrick Lin


Designed by Oscar Martinsson, Sweden.
Copy-writing: Marcus Pettersson

A whiskey distilled in the great mountain range of the Altai province where the 4 great nations of Russia, China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan meets. Existence of man has its roots among the great lakes of Khyargas and Dorgon and in the rich nature of Altai. The area where four nations come together in one mountain range which the ancient Turkish and Chinese civilizations referred to as ‘The golden mountain.”

This mighty nature all the way in to the deepest of Vodka Land is what were going to be the face of the Altai brand and represent the freedom and beauty of the nation that the russians have forgotten about during decades of suffering and corruption. Our whiskey will be a part of the new Russian culture influenced both by their own proud heritage and new western ideas.

The target group that we will address is the growing Russian middle-class that wants to start flirting with the west but still are very proud of their russian heritage.

The bottle of the Altai Whiskey:
Its design is strongly influenced by the harsh but at the same time beautiful and unique nature of the Altai mountains. It got hard corners and a dark and heavy appearance that are to represent the huge dark mountains of Altai. The golden details are representing the idea of the Altai mountains as the golden mountains, the beginning of the human era and the touch of luxury that the Russian middle-class is very strong appealed to.

On the front label we can see the Altai logo in form of the golden head of a roaring bear. This is to represent the rich nature of russia and is a symbol of russian pride. The copy underneath it reads “Russian heart, Golden origin” which is the main idea behind the brand.

On the back label we find the golden mountain itself together with an inspirational text about the brand and the new russia.