Chapel Hill Wines

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Derrick Lin


Designed by Bakerscape, Sweden.

Chapel Hill is a market leader in its category for fresh, delicious white wines and sparkling wines. Chapel Hill had a story buried in its history that needed to come out and be expressed literally and visually. Bakerscape was offered the task of creating a new world for the brand in a delicate manner…retaining 100% recognition but in a totally new way. The result is a package design that wraps around the box and pulls the consumer into the Chapel Hill world. You can almost feel the clouds rolling over the landscape by the winery, with a soft chime clinging gently with the wind. The new tagline also created by Bakerscape, ‘Heavenly wines, delicious moments’ is expressed on the box and will be used on all communication materials as well.

The first products have rolled out on the Swedish shelves from October 1, 2012, and will be completely replaced by beginning-to-mid november.