Derrick Lin


Designed by IKON BC
Country: Russia / Hong Kong

IKON BC was asked by Tipperary Hill Estate to develop a new look of Tulkara Shiraz wines.

People at Tipperary Hill Estate are quite proud of Tulkara Shiraz. For well over a century, the gentle rolling hills which fold away from the granite outcrops of the ranges of Bendigo region in Central Victoria have been home to some of the great wines of Australia. All of Tulkara Shiraz wines are characteristic of Australian sun and nature, showing well developed dense fruit characters, with integrated tannins, balanced oak treatment with a little smack of burning berries and leather.

When we conceived the idea for Tulkara Shiraz we were trying to show people in Europe or somewhere else outside of Australia the soul of Australian nature and the rigorous climate conditions of a region, the lack of rain, the blazing killing heat at the wrong time and the continuing drought. But wine-makers at Tipperary Hill Estate are still trying to do the best they can to produce wine grapes. We used the heated stones to burn the shapes of typical animals out on a paper. We used the shapes of well-known animals so everybody outside Australia could recognize the famous symbols of the continent.

Creative director: Eugene Kuprienko, Zoe Mingjuan
Brand strategists: Mandy Wong, Zoe Mingjuan
Copywriter: Kirill Alexandrov
Art-directors: Egor Kevraletin, Eugene Kuprienko
Designer: Egor Kevraletin
Photographer: Vasiliy Fetisov (FAME Studio)
Photo retoucher: Egor Kevraletin
Account director: Sherin Yamashita