La Mousson

Derrick Lin


Designed by Iris Kaschl, Germany.

Package design for La Mousson, a German tea brand which offers high-quality organic tea. The packaging sets out to deliver a modern lifestyle, with its outward appearance reflecting the quality of the product.

About the brand
La Mousson is French for monsoon and serves as a symbol for prosperity and growth following times of draught and deprivation. The monsoon supplies people and nature with water, letting tea plants grow again. Signifying both bloom and draught, it becomes a symbol for life itself, its circle and its variety. Not only vegetation is reanimated by the monsoon, but so is cultural life – this is why people celebrate its arrival with joy and colourful festivities. Another reason why the company is named after the elixir monsoon.

About the design
The concept behind the design was to create a blend of tradition (the ceremony of drinking tea has been celebrated for centuries) and the spirit of modern lifestyle. The basic design elements are 5 icons, inspired by Indian mandalas (spiritual, circular, symbolic figures) but translated into a more modern, simple way. The Mandala can also stand for the circle of life, as it has neither beginning nor end. In the design, each mandala represents a different kind of tea (black, green, white, herbal, fruit), and a complementary color concept allows the classification of the blends within their group.

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