Dark & Desirable (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Designed by Tanya Mendiola, United States.
Additional Credits: Gloria Ferrer Winery

The main focus of this project was to develop a revolutionary design for an existing winery within the San Francisco area. The objective was to create a sophisticated and contemporary wine label design for the brand products that would include: Chardonnay mid-tier, Cabernet Sauvignon mid-tier, Cabernet Sauvignon high-end, and a gift box/shipping container.

Gloria Ferrer was the winery selected for it’s deep heritage to the Catalonian culture and its reputation for having remarkable sparkling wine. For the revolutionary design, I decided to take it back to the heritage while still keeping it modern. Wanting to adhere to both men and women in the wine category, dark colors were mixed with sophisticated flourishes and modern type. The location, architectural landscape, and culture of the brand served as the main inspiration for the design. The separation of the main brand identity label and the wine decriptor label created the drama necessary for this brand to stand out among its fellow competitors within the Sonoma area. This approach bumped up the quality of the bottle as well as making it a memorable piece of design.

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