Mira Premium Chocolate

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Derrick Lin


Designed by Kreativ Vonalak, Hungary.

The strategy behind the hungarian originated Mira Premium chocolates is outstanding in the local market.

The center point of the “Chocolates of the World” concept made by the designers of Kreativ Vonalak Kft. is to show the flavours of different nations enclosed in one premium quality chocolate. One product contanins two radically distinc flavors, a mild and a more robust one.

The family of Mira Premium chocolates came out with 6 different products: besides the english, french, mexican, indian, and hawaiian flavours they offer an exclusive limited edition for Christmas. According to the company they will extend this list with future products. Amongst others they search for traditional hungarian flavours too.

The design of the package shows clearly that these are exclusive chocolates. It combines the minimal style of the manufacturer with the selected nation’s typical colours and symbols, buildings.

One more interesting fact about the package is that among the description of the chocolates and other “traditional” information we can find one story in each type. These short tales make really exciting and unique the Mira Premium chocolates.