Brandy Chronicle

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Derrick Lin


Designed by POLARIS, Ukraine.

Winter is such a movable feast that starts with Christmas, then the New Year, after that St. Valentine and so on… Anyway, it’s over. Why not recall how it started?

On the eve of 2013 POLARIS branding company was finalizing some large projects. The work was in full swing, so there was no time to think of holiday presents for clients.
Brand Chronicle corporate newspaper became a driver of the corporate gift idea. It features ads and announcements, branding news, outstanding quotes from the clients’ briefs and even culinary recipes.
One newspaper resolved several problems. Additional «Y» turned the Brand Chronicle into the Brandy Chronicle. The newspaper headline became an exclusive hand-made label. The rest of the newspaper transformed into a bright gift wrapping and verbose postcard.

The creative approach to the material and time resources provided an effective result. POLARIS clients received our New Year wishes with an exclusive hand-labeled bottle of brandy, found out everything that we thought of them and remembered everything they had thought of us.

P.S. It was the first issue of The Brand Chronicle Newspaper.