Heineken Bottle Concept

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Derrick Lin


Designed by Kiss Miklos, Hungary.

Heineken and ACG made an exclusive tender, and invited 8 designers to design a unique bottle concept.

My concept ————› …remixourfuturemixourfuturemixourfutu… Constant reconstruction. Redesign. Constant desire for renewal. Innovation. That’s how I could summarize the aspirations of Heineken. What I “stuffed into the bottle” with an almost pattern-like, illegible, and playful typography, it’s the essence and the philosophy of the brand. A constantly “fermenting”, living, intuitive, intelligent and progressing thinking. It’s enough to look at the shape of the bottle, which was dreamed by Ora-Ïto. The graphic design, what I planned, is some kind of sequel, or remix of my bottle from last year, and of some better known Limited Edition bottle as well.