9MM Energy Drink and 9MM Zero Sugar

Derrick Lin


Company: 9MM American Beverage Company, LLC, Slovakia.

9MM Energy Drink and 9MM Zero Sugar, Revolutionary packaging innovation on the market of energy drinks.

History: The idea of an energy drink with cap struck us in 2009. We wanted a product with an appearance that would be eye-catching and would differentiate our product completely from other energy drinks. After many months of market research we decided on the shape of a bullet. In 2010, after one year of research and development, the product was launched and entered the market as the first energy drink with a cap. Two years later, we launched Zero Sugar to give a fresh and light appearance for our new, sugar free product. Since then, our brand has conquered the world and is already present in more than 22 countries on three continents.

Packaging Design & Concept: 9MM Energy drink may follow the classical can form, however, it creates an entirely new image with its cap on the top of it. In the market of energy drinks, where the shape of cans looks very much alike, we intended to introduce something new that is unique, practical and stylish at the same time. The distinctive shape was born from the idea of the 9MM bullet as our consumers are able to get the refreshing effects of 9MM Energy Drink just as fast as a 9MM bullet goes.

Aside from the exceptional shape, the individual cap considered very useful with its safe, hygienic and practical functions. Among the many different purposes; it prevents any kind of dirt or toxins get into the content, helps avoiding pouring out the drink, can be used as a tiny cup as well as a decor. The logo and text appeared on the can suits the military style which is connected to the bullet and speed. In the case of an energy drink, showing dynamism is crucial for us to achieve desired consumer responses and we think the shape of a bullet, the military text style and the fresh silver-black-red colour combination reflect all the strength, power, dynamism and speed that feature 9MM Energy drink.

All in all we think that we give a special product both in content and in packaging with a high added value of the practical and safe cap to our customers. We take special care to reflect the quality of the content by our package design and we are proud that our customers just love the unique shape of the product, and many of them keep the can for domestic exhibition or showing it to friends.

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