VIZIO Intelligent Water Concept

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Derrick Lin


Designed by Zsombor Kiss, Hungary.

Extensive visual identity, bottle and label design concept by Zsombor Kiss for an extraordinary Hungarian mineral water, called: VIZIO – intelligent water.
Packaging was developed in cooperation with Design Donum.

About the water:
This water is treated with a special process (using nano technology), which have highly positive effects on the human body.

Design concept:
The brand name “VIZIO” (means vision in Hungarian) suggests a visionary design.

Accordingly, the basic idea was creating not just a simple logo or bottle design, but a comprehensive visual language, where each element reflects to the others. The identity emphasizes sterility, clearness, freshness and transcendence to highlight the technical and scientific features of the water. The logotype is based on a simple rounded biomorph shape, which could be easily transformed into any functional object or it can be used as a compositional element on posters, labels etc…

The modulated letters of the logo are cutted into two parts horizontally and their upper side are moved to the left a little bit. This simple gesture gives you the feeling of floating on the water. The unique shape of the bottle follows the logos’ character with its rounded triangle form.

The result is a stable, space-saving minimal design, where there are possible options to use different styles on the outside skin of the bottle, to freshen up the package identity periodically.

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