Designed by TROONION Design, Taiwan.

“TECHADO”, located on Alishan’s hillside, is a brand and is selling Alishan Tea. After having built up the brand, to design a packaging to draw the attention of consumers is the next job. “TE”, out of TECHADO, in Chinese means railway. Alishan is well-known for its small trains, so “Te” naturally has something to do with them. About “CHADO”, it means the purest leaves. But about how to perfectly mix “Te” and “CHADO” to tell the brand story is our primary responsibility.

Firstly we picked the small trains as the center in this project. Next we drew and put the same picture on each packaging even we know there are three different quality of leaves with different selling prices. Apart from this, we wrote a poem and had cherry blossom spread all over the can and you could see Alishan station’s mark, too. Taking out the vacuum bag from the can, you’ll see a number on the train. The number is the content volume. The longer you gaze the much realer you’ll feel the train is coming towards you. However, there’s one thing different. That’s the color. We use color to grade, but all the other things are associated with Alishan, which creates unity, amusement, and localization. And just because of this packaging, “TECHADO” has been leading in this market far more than the others.