Louis Bonnet Chocolate

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Derrick Lin


Designed by ARC’S, Italy.

We worked on a set of icons related to classic Belgian architecture and traditional emblems in order to come up with a new brand logo. We went through horses, balloons and other classic european effigies.
And we kept looking until we found the right one: the creamy stylized cock (combined with a classic premium lettering) instantly became, with the client blessing, the new Louis Bonnet logo.

All the bars, tablets and chocolates have been specifically designed for Louis Bonnet.
We have moulded the chocolate skin with special textures and smooth cuttings. The aim was to impress on chocolate a classic but lively touch, in tune with the traditional passionate brand personality.

All the packages have been conceived with innovative lines and a modern use of colors. We used bright-impactful lights to push contemporary energy without affecting the layout solidity.
We have opted for a wide color palette to better represent the variety of the Louis Bonnet range, by associating a different color to each reference. Naming and copywriting emphasize the state of pleasure connected to chocolate products.

We created a very special family of chocolate products. A complete range of packaging that mixes together traditional warmth and the best contemporary design trends.
And just like it happens in any family, each one with its own flavour, and the same unique signature: Louis Bonnet. What’s your Delight?