Plazmon Biscotto (Redesigned)

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Derrick Lin


Designed by BREAK
Designer: Luca Franceschi
Account Director: Paola Garavaglia
Country: Italy

Plasmon, a market leader in baby food, launches a new line of biscuits aimed at children aged over 12 month, when they start looking out for stronger flavours and textures. The new line offers an alternative to a premature consumption of biscuits for adults.

Creating a pack that would clearly convey both the attitude of the product to meet the changing taste of young children, and its ability to support growth through its nutritional values.

The pack has been divided in two: on the left is the most childlike part, with Plasmon institutional colours and soft lettering. On the right is the informative part, emphasising taste, the nutritional values and their positive effect on growth.

The wide space allowed to this section intentionally reduces the part with the institutional colors, thus differentiating the product from the well-established Plasmon biscuit for the first infantry.