The Name Of These Girls

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Derrick Lin


Designed by Digital Point
Designer: Gabriel Palmer
Country: Spain

When the recording work was done, the Cd’s design still was needed to get a perfect packaging.

Because names of girls were recurrent in the lyrics and the title of the Cd was “The Name Of These Girls” we thought, why not literally dress the Cd like those girls? Then, we chose jeans like a cloth icon.

For this reason the members of the band start a recycling campaign jeans through social net working. and the feedback was successful. Finally the new Cd was dressed with fans’ and friends’ jeans and at the same time we gave a second chance to all those clothes.

Thus we managed personalize every copy of the Cd, and when customers buy it, looks like they are choosing what jeans fit them better.

We have got a manufactured silk-screened product, created by the whole band.

A did a great teamwork.

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