Aroma Herbal – Organic Bodycare

Derrick Lin


Agency: LONI DBS

Designer: Loni Jovanović

Client: Aroma Herbal

Country: Slovenia

Aroma Herbal – Organic Bodycare

Organic Aroma Herbal collection combines knowledge, tradition and needs of a modern man. Using simple, pure molecules which are a gift of nature, Aroma Herbal was able to prepare a new series of fresh products for body with organic substances that moisturise, refresh, rejuvenate and perfume the skin with natural fragrance.

We completely redesigned the organic packaging line in order to better capture the story of the brand and that is what makes it so special. The label was inspired by a retro geometric‑style circular pattern representing a different molecular structure. Every fragrance has a different colour and pattern coding to accentuate the elegant credentials of these perfectly formulated health and beauty products.

Aluminium style bottles and cans in bold contemporary colours recreate the fresh skin invigoration and the sense of active relaxation that comes from being in the nature. Naturally, just the way it was before.